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Types and prices of jaw crushers in Shanghai

Types and prices of jaw crushers in Shanghai

Issue Time:2019-11-29
         Types and prices of Shanghai Jaw Crushers Jaw crushers are used for the initial crushing of materials. The crushing ratio is large and the product size is good. It is suitable for materials with a compressive strength of 320MP or less. It is widely used in sand and gravel yards and mines. Coal mining, concrete mixing station, quartz sand and other fields. Because of its simple structure and reliable operation, it is favored by users. There are many types of jaw crushers for crushing stone. Different types of jaw crushers have different performance and technological content. More advanced jaw crushers are more expensive.
What are the types of jaw crusher?

          European version of jaw crusher: feed size is less than or equal to 1000mm, production capacity is 65-1250t / h. Non-welded removable frame, more robust and reliable. Detachable structure is convenient for transportation and installation, especially for underground installation and transportation. Optimized movement parameters and excellent movement parameters enable the crusher material to begin to break in the upper part of the crushing chamber, and the stroke in the lower part of the crushing chamber is greater, and the crushing ratio Larger; large bearing design to extend the service life; the four specifications of the movable jaw and the frame are the same, reducing the type of spare parts; the wedge-type discharge port adjustment method reduces the labor intensity and downtime of workers. The user can choose the hydraulic adjustment of the discharge port device according to the needs, which is easier to adjust; the integrated motor base structure and the integral steel frame base save space. European version jaw crusher, European version jaw crusher picture.
          Jaw Crusher: The feed size is less than or equal to 950mm, and the production capacity is 50--910t / h. Large crushing force, the use of oversized bearings and forged spindles, greater load-bearing crushing force; large crushing ratio, low suspension motion mechanism design, providing greater crushing ratio; easy maintenance, high wear-resistant tooth plate, longer maintenance cycle, saving costs ; Low failure rate, reliable performance, optimized design, low failure rate.

          Ordinary jaw crusher: the feed size is less than or equal to 1500mm, and the production capacity is 1-2200t / h. Welding frame structure, solid and reliable, high-quality steel plate welding frame, avoiding casting defects, more solid and reliable; unique flywheel design, unique flywheel design, effectively reduce vibration, the machine runs more smoothly; the discharge port adjustment is faster and more convenient, and the material is discharged The mouth gasket adjustment is simple, reliable and convenient for maintenance; deep cavity crushing, high efficiency and energy saving, deep crushing cavity and no dead zone, which improves the feeding capacity and output, its crushing ratio is large, and the product size is uniform. Picture of ordinary jaw crusher

           How much does a jaw crusher cost?

          The price of a jaw crusher is affected by several factors. There are many jaw crusher manufacturers throughout the country. The nature of the manufacturers is also different. There are direct sales manufacturers, middlemen, and dealers. Therefore, the pricing is also different. Relatively speaking, direct-selling manufacturers do not have middlemen to earn the difference, and the price positioning is relatively low. When looking for a manufacturer, it is necessary to know whether it is a direct sales type manufacturer. The cost input is also a factor that affects the price, and the quality and performance of the product will directly or indirectly affect the positioning of the price.