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HVI sand making machine assists sand aggregate processing

HVI sand making machine assists sand aggregate processing

Issue Time:2019-12-10
In recent years, under the increasingly stringent environmental protection policies, the official crackdown on illegal sand mining has been increasing. The transformation of ordinary stockyards to modern, standardized and environmentally friendly sand and gravel production lines has become an inevitable trend in the industry.

In order to actively respond to environmental protection policies and closely follow the market development trend, Hongxing Machinery has launched a series of green modern sand making equipment. Among them, HVI sand making machine can be used for the preparation and processing of machined sand, and is a professional equipment constituting modern sand and stone aggregate production line. .
 Future sand maker becomes "darling"


Machine sand is sand that reaches a certain particle size after being ground by professional grinding equipment. It can adjust the relevant gradation according to the application requirements.


Compared with the rounded natural sand, machine sand usually has a certain angle, which is conducive to the bonding of cement and other materials in the concrete and improve the overall quality.


The machine-made sand can be taken from building waste concrete or some crushed stones for secondary processing to reduce the exploitation of natural ore resources. On the one hand, the mineral resources are protected; on the other hand, the cost of purchasing raw materials can be effectively reduced. high.
Advantages of sand making machine
 Patent / Escort

HVI sand making machine combined with modern research and development concept has won many national patents since its inception. In the future, HVI sand makers will participate in more and more aggregate processing projects, and win customers' trust and satisfaction with their performance advantages.

Material / Quality Assurance

The core components of the HVI sand making machine are made of wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials. They are equipped with low-noise, high-efficiency, high-protection motors, and strictly control the quality, laying a solid foundation for the stable operation of the equipment.


The special sealing structure realizes no oil seal and no oil leakage; meanwhile, the equipment adopts a hydraulic cover opening device, which saves labor and maintenance in maintenance.

Structure / capacity increase

Optimized design of the deep cavity rotor greatly improves the throughput and working efficiency of the material.

Ding Bo machine is constantly accumulating, constantly challenging, adapting to the changing market trends and the current trend. HVI sand making machine will embark on the journey and become the pioneer of your career.