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What is the prospect of investing in a gravel field in 2020?

What is the prospect of investing in a gravel field in 2020?

Issue Time:2020-01-03
In the past two years, great changes have taken place in the market, especially in the sand and stone industry, where resources are tight and prices have risen, but this has also driven more and more users to start investing in a gravel yard. In terms of development trends in 2019, What is the prospect of investing in a gravel field in 2020? Can you make money?

What's the prospect of opening a gravel pit? "Hardware facilities" are essential

What is the "hardware facility" of a gravel yard? That is the main processing equipment that needs to be purchased;

Investing in a crushing yard depends on the needs of the user. If the output is not large and the equipment model invested is relatively small, the cost of the investment is not high. For users with high output requirements, the equipment The larger the model and the larger the capacity, the higher the corresponding investment cost;

1. Coarse crushing equipment: jaw crusher

Generally, the equipment that is required for many crushing yards is the jaw crusher, because this equipment is used for the primary processing of sand and gravel raw materials. It can crush 600-1200mm large stones, small size, small area, and equipment The abrasive type is strong and the operation is more stable, so it is the main equipment that many sandstone plants must buy.

2. Fine crushing equipment: impact crusher

The reason why you choose an impact crusher is that this equipment is considered as a cost-effective second-level crushing equipment. The equipment has a high crushing capacity, and the impact plate is increased by the keyless connection between the impact plate and the hammer. The length increases the throughput of the material, so the equipment production capacity is increased within a unit volume.

3. Screening equipment: vibrating screen

The vibrating screen can be said to be a supporting device that plays the role of "up and down". The device has 2 layers, 3 layers, and 4 layers. The finished product improves the granularity and quality of the finished product, so it is also an indispensable equipment in the crushing yard.

How much money can the rubble field make in a year? "More money but less money" Choosing better supporting equipment is more important

Exploring the prospect of a gravel field:

For now, the crushing plant can be said to be an industry that is easy to make money, because whether it is house construction or highway construction, the aggregate is gravel, so the prospect of investing in a crushing plant can be said to be unbudgetable, at least with development. Foreground.

A good prospect of crushing plant, it is more important to choose the supporting equipment

What is a profitable crushing plant? In fact, simple is to choose the production equipment, a good set of production equipment, you can save money, you can also make money! So the choice of equipment is more important.

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The crushing yard has a good prospect. If you want to make money at the crushing plant, a good set of configurations + a good manufacturer can be your "way" to make money.