Fine sand recycling, high-quality equipment brings high efficiency

Fine sand recycling, high-quality equipment brings high efficiency
Update Time:2019-12-03
At present, with the increase of sewage discharge requirements in the sand and gravel industry, water treatment equipment has become standard. At the same time, river sand mining is restricted in all parts of China, and unqualified sea sand is strictly investigated. The price of high-quality construction sand has risen all the way, and the value of fine sand recovery in mud water has gradually become prominent.

      Under the background of sandstone industry improvement and product prices at a high level, the project party's pursuit of equipment quality has been comprehensively improved, and efficient and high-quality equipment is needed to support all aspects of production. Many sandstone companies have gradually recognized high-tech and high-quality belts.来 benefits.
      In the past two years, due to the impact of macroeconomic and environmental protection policies, the aggregate industry has been paying more and more attention to the comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental protection issues. The spring of excellent equipment has arrived.
     Dingbo Heavy Industry's fine sand recovery machine is a slurry pump that injects mud into a hydrocyclone for separation. The separated coarse particles enter the dewatering screen for dewatering and recycling, and more than 75cm of materials are recovered, which improves resources Utilization rate, realizing greater benefits. Widely used in the washing of materials in mining, building materials, chemical, transportation, concrete mixing stations and other fields. It can be used together with the sand washing machine on the existing production line, or it can be used alone to improve the utilization rate of resources and realize greater benefits. Stable and reliable operation and good economic benefits.

    Resources are limited, but technology is unlimited. I believe that in the sand and gravel industry in the future, more and more environmental protection equipment will enter the market, and Red Star Machine will continue to innovate and make its own contribution and strength for the environmental protection cause!