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How to maintain the mill if it is left unused for a long time?

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How to maintain the mill if it is left unused for a long time?
Issue Time:2019-11-26
       In order to ensure that the mill is left for a long time without affecting the normal use in the future, maintenance of the mill is of paramount importance. When companies use mills, they all look at how much material is processed in a unit of time, focusing on the output and the fineness of the grinding materials. Therefore, if the mill equipment is not used for a long time, the mill will definitely It becomes aging, just like a person. If you do not exercise for a long time, you will feel very strenuous and painful if you suddenly exercise. Therefore, the task of maintaining the mill equipment is very necessary.
Because the types of mills are different, the working environment is different, and the species are very different. Sometimes, it is difficult for us to have a standard to measure whether our operation is reasonable or correct. Therefore, in order to avoid those unnecessary effects, it is suspended for a long time Mill equipment, in order to normal use in the future, we will perform certain maintenance and maintenance work on the mill.
1. First, the place where the mill equipment is placed should be placed in a ventilated and dry room and placed in a damp place.
2. Secondly, the parts of the grinding equipment are basically made of iron and steel, so rust prevention is the first job. The external paint needs to be repaired, and the internal blades, grinding rollers and other accessories are coated with butter. Guaranteed quality and unhindered operation during use.
3. Finally, when the mill equipment is needed, it needs to be checked and cleaned, the engine cooling water is replaced, the engine oil is replaced, and the fuel tank is full to prevent rust. And pay attention to the correct operation sequence when turning on the device to avoid the problem caused by unused for a long time.
Milling equipment is an independent life body. If you want to exert the maximum corporate benefits, you must follow the rules to ensure the normal operation of the machine. The maintenance of the mill and other types of mill equipment are also the same. Do not feel maintenance Time is wasted. People who eat every day also maintain a normal life, as well as mechanical life.