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Talking about the factors that determine the production capacity of the mill?

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Talking about the factors that determine the production capacity of the mill?
Issue Time:2019-11-29
    There are many factors that affect the production capacity of the mill in the production work, so the output varies, sometimes the output is high, and sometimes the output is low. So why is this happening? Today, Shanghai Dingbo Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. mill-related research and development experts will tell you why!
    First, the hardness of the material. Everyone knows that the harder the material, the more difficult it is to grind and break it. And the material is too hard, it will cause serious damage to the mill body, and the grinding roller grinding ring is relatively easy to wear.
    Secondly, the humidity and viscosity of the material. In general, when the material is too wet or too sticky, it is not conducive to broken. When the moisture content in the material is large and the viscosity is high, the material is likely to stick in the machine, causing blockage in the feeding and conveying process, and affecting the production output of the mill equipment.
    Again, the fineness of the material. The thinner the material, the easier it will stick to the machine, causing blockages, affecting the output of the mill and increasing the energy consumption of the mill. Therefore, when there is too much subdivision content, it should be sieved once in advance.
    Then, the fineness of the finished material is required. Some customers have higher requirements on the fineness of the finished materials. However, the higher the fineness requirements, the production capacity of the mill equipment will inevitably be reduced, and the two are inversely related.
    Finally, the quality requirements of the mill. For different materials, we need to choose different mill equipment, because the milling conditions of some mills can not meet the requirements. If this mill is used, the output will be reduced and the mill will be damaged. Case. At the same time, the materials used in the grinding of the grinding parts of the mill also affect the hardness of the mill's capable of grinding the material. Exceeding the hardness that can be ground will cause significant damage to the grinding ring of the grinding roller and it is difficult to achieve the customer's needs. Yield demand.