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Difference between high pressure mill and Raymond mill

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Difference between high pressure mill and Raymond mill
Issue Time:2019-11-29
   The difference between high-pressure mills and Raymond mills is now widely used. There are shell Raymond mills at the beginning, and slowly developed high-pressure mills. It can also be said that the high-pressure mill is a derivative of the Raymond mill. From the appearance point of view, there is basically no difference between the high pressure mill and the Raymond mill. The main differences are the feed particle size, the output particle size, and the output of the finished product.
   In terms of feed particle size: the smaller the original Raymond mill, the more stable the output and the higher the processing efficiency. The feed particle size of the high-pressure suspension roller mill is larger than that of the Raymond mill.
   In terms of output particle size: Raymond mill's processed output particle size is in the range of 30 mesh to 325 mesh, and the output particle size of high pressure mill is in the range of 80 mesh to 425 mesh. The finished product is finer and the pass rate is higher;
 In terms of finished product output: Due to the strong pressure of the high-pressure spring, the output of the high-pressure mill will be higher than that of Raymond mill.
   The high-pressure mill adopts a mature high-pressure device, which can not only extend the service life of the equipment, but also increase the grinding output of the equipment to the same extent. The ordinary Raymond mill does not have this advantage. In the long-term use, when the grinding roller and the grinding ring have a large loss, even if the bolts and other parts are adjusted, they cannot be ground tightly, and the finished powder cannot meet the requirements. Fineness, at this time, only the vulnerable parts can be replaced, but the high-pressure mill will not do this. Before the critical point of the grinding is reached under normal circumstances, the high-pressure device can be adjusted so that the grinding roller and the grinding ring are in close contact with each other. usage of.