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Selection and use of mill

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Selection and use of mill
Issue Time:2019-11-29
Selection and use of milling machine, Ding Bo Heavy Industry is a professional manufacturer of milling equipment, milling production line equipment. Ding Bo Heavy Industries independently developed milling equipment with European version coarse powder mill, high pressure powder mill, European version ladder Type grinding and other products. Ding Bo's milling equipment is sent to all parts of the country, dozens of countries around the world, and has been well received and highly praised by customers.

The materials we usually mill are limestone, calcium oxide, calcium titanate, dolomite, talc, marble, calcite, glass, limestone desulfurization in power plants and other fields. Depending on the requirements of each field, the mill must be selected according to the requirements Configure the actual situation. If ultra-fine powder is needed, a super-fine flour mill will be used. For coarse powder of 30-80 mesh, a coarse-mill flour mill will be used. Generally, high-pressure mills are used for 100-500 meshes, and the corresponding equipment model is selected according to the different output. Therefore, the mill market is also mixed with fish-eyes. When choosing, you must choose a professional manufacturer to achieve good production results. Ding Bo Heavy Industry professional mill manufacturer, welcome customers to consult and inspect.